Nice offer for French section or French contents for your blog or website! Get real assistance from human!

▪ what is it?
Many people have a website or blog in spanish or english and they would like to post contents in french in order to reach more people. Many of them just install a language translator plugin. But so far plugins or machine translation still present imperfection and can change the context of words or phrases. This can cause your readers or followers to miss the point. As a freelancer, I decide to offer assistance to bloggers or website’s owners who would prefer to create a real french section for their blog or website.

▪ The offer:
Yes I can assist you, if you would like to have a French section created and reviewed by humans for your blog or website. I can create it and my team and I can even help you to manage it. We actually have special offer with promotional prices

▪ Best for who?
This offer is ok for individual, business, non profit organization or activity seeking to reach more people or regions, through blogs or website they already have or they are just starting.

▪ Price Range Resume

  • Non Profit Activities: $70 USD
  • Personal activities = $160 USD
  • Business / Organization / Association = $295 USD
  • Online Store = $450 USD

▪ What you will get

  • A very good, promotional price
  • Customization of the blog or site section in other language
  • Real one on one human communication and interaction
  • Free web advice regarding generalities, crafted contents, etc.
  • Other kind of paid or free requested assistance

▪ Benefits

  • You will be present online in other languages
  • You will reach more people from more regions
  • Informations about your activities and your contacts will be available worldwide 24/24 and 7/7
  • More people can reach you
  • You can connect your social media pages like facebook, Instagram twitter etc. To your new blog or site section
  • You can enlarge your own network
  • You appear more professional and you gain in credibility
  • You can run ads to bigger audience, connect to affiliate marketing programs, make money through you blog or website

▪ Payment methods
Payment is accepted via PayPal, Wire transfer or bank deposit, Money transfer via Western Union, MoneyGram. We can also discuss about Other payment method available to you locally

▪ Contact
Feel free to contact us and let us know about your needs, comments or questions Francky will be your principal web advisor. You can reach us via:

  • WhatsApp: +1 305 998 0505
  • Email:

Francky Caribe
Web and Community Manager
Social Communicator, Entertainer

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