Blog Creation Special offer Great opportunity from $150 USD

whatever you are doing – You will always need a blog

▪︎ What is it?
We are offering a great deal for personal blog or website construction. But we are also offering considerable reduction on construction of blog or website dedicated to Business, organization, institution or association except online store. We launched this special offer, in order to help ones with low budget from the Caribbean zone to be online. But we also open it to people who are out of the Caribbean area.

▪︎ The offer:
Through freelance services We agree to create and customize your personal or professional blog or a personal website for only $150 USD. If you want to create the website for your business, organization, institution or association’s online presence, we will do it for you for only $290 USD. If your organization is non profit we will help you to be present online for only $45 USD (Term and conditions applicable for non profit). And please be advised that these prices are not applicable to online store

▪︎ Best for who?
This offer is ok for ones seeking:

  • Personal web presence like new bloggers, talented youth, writers, poets, students, professionals, entrepreneur, expert, speaker, consultant, marketing agent, travel agent, model, influencers, entertainer, Retired people, podcasters, freelance journalists. Other freelancers, etc.
  • Business or Corporate web presence like: Organizations, schools, enterprises, Lawyer cabinet, Web magazines, news website, Associations, institutions, travel agency, mode agency, marketing group, cultural clubs, group initiatives, youth projects, other types of group projects…
  • Non Profit individuals, groups, initiatives, orphanage, projects, associations, organizations, other non profit activities, etc.

▪︎ Price Range Resume

  • Non Profit Activities = $45 USD
  • Personal activities = $150 USD
  • Business / Organization / Association = $290 USD
  • Online Store: $2500 USD

▪︎ What you will get

  • A very good promotional price
  • Customization of the blog or site
  • 1 domain name
  • 1 theme for $20 USD for personal blog if you don’t have your own or if you don’t want to use a free one
  • 1 paid theme for free for Business, organization plan
  • Real one on one human communication
  • Free web advise regarding security, hosting, etc.
  • Other kind of paid or free requested assistance

▪︎ Benefits

  • You will be present online
  • You can share about your passions or business
  • Information about your activities and your contacts will be available to the world 24/24 and 7/7
  • You can reach thousands of people using the web daily
  • More people can reach you
  • You can develop an authority in your domain or niche
  • You can connect your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram twitter etc.
  • You can create your own network
  • You can have your own emails on your own domain
  • You appear more professional and you gain in credibility
  • You can run ads, connect to affiliate marketing programs, make money through you blog or website
Be Available worldwide through your blog or website

▪︎ Payment methods
You can pay via PayPal, Wire transfer or bank deposit, Money transfer via Western Union, MoneyGram. We can also discuss about Other payment method available to you locally

▪︎ Contact
Feel free to contact us and let us know about your needs, comments or questions. Francky will be your principal web advisor. You can reach us via:

  • whatsapp: +1 305 998 0505
  • Email:

Francky Caribe
Web and Community Manager
Social Communicator, Entertainer

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