Have you already said to yourself: “I am big enough, strong enough, I know enough things; I don’t need help from anyone”? If you have ever said this to yourself, maybe you have also realized that you were wrong.

If you ever had the feeling that you were embarrassed because you had to ask for help, then I must tell you that you are alo wrong.

The reason is simple. As long as you still live on this planet, however big or small you are you will always have two great needs which are: Response and solution.

Apart from major problems or other big difficulties to solve. You will always need answers or solutions for even very basic things like: looking for an address, having a reference, knowing where to buy at a better price, building a website, personalizing a wordpress blog, doing a search on google, translating a document in French, in English, in Spanish, in Haitian Creole. Review or check an answer, find customers for your business, find entertainment, know what is said about a star, know the weather of the day, know how to cook your favorite dish, find where you can spend your vacations, find a good school, make a consultation, do a double check, etc.

And voila, moreover, another factor comes to occupy an important part in the answers or solutions that you will have found. This factor is called CONFIDENCE. So you will always need someone taller or smaller than you. But above all, you will need to trust. So this generates other needs like to find the right answer, the right ad, the right publication, the right person, the right information, the right comparison, the right verification, the right helping hand, in short the right solution.

I am a social communicator, community manager and entertainer. I have made the choice to run my professional life on a plate of leadership supported by the following pillars: Loyalty, Transparency, Assistance, Respect, and Common Interest.

I provide supports to beginners and busy people but who use the internet, social media, and new technologies of communication to launch a career or boost an activity. I advise, train and serve them on topics such as: Website creation, WordPress blog customization, hosting services, domain name, introduction to the online commercial world. Introduction Social network as professional or business person. The basic in professional publication, basic in image and reputaion management, basic social media marketing. Also on basic SEO, basic online marketing, etc. I took the initiative to share about everyday’s life and links to online social experience and communications. In short, I am a perfect guide and assistant for online visitors, and entrepreneurs who are looking for information and solutions.

I have collaborated with several people and great  organizations that have been witnesses of my level of engagement. From the experience that I have accumulated over more than 20 years, I have learned about reasons and ways to communicate, act, share and help.

I know that no one will ever know everything, no one will be able to do everything either, everyone will always have needs and I myself will have to continue to learn. Based on this knowledge. I made the decision to be here to help and to share.


FP- Francky Caribe